DPL Science offers the following services to the space industry:

System Engineering
DPL Science provides system engineering expertise on space program definitions and procurement approaches. We examine the program objectives, formulate a program philosophy, and identify the system level tasks to meet the objectives. DPL Science provides support in the writing of procurement documents including Statements of Work and Engineering Requirements Specifications.

Program Management
DPL Science provides assistance in the definition, planning, and implementation of projects. The staff of DPL Science has experience in the management of complex space systems from design through manufacturing and testing.

Deep Charging Material Testing
DPL Science has developed a unique Canadian test facility for spacecraft deep charging studies which simulates the energetic space environment. We use a Sr90 source to simulate the high energy electrons found in the space environment. Vacuum condition is up to 10E-7 torr. Thermal capability is -100 to +200 deg C. The test facility is available to perform ground-based testing of spacecraft materials for spacecraft deep charging assessment.

Multimedia Educational Services
DPL Science prepares effective training materials tailored to the needs of the client. We can take care of all aspects of the production: from initial concept layout to the delivery of the final product.